On November 24, 2014, twelve ARLIS/NY members had the opportunity to visit the Google offices in New York City, located in the Chelsea neighborhood. Participants were given a tour of the unique environment Google creates for its employees. The space includes interior design elements specific to New York, such as conference rooms that look like subway cars and signage inspired by the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority. Food is distributed every 150 feet and an ample gaming room provides a place to relax when not at work. The spectacle of the tour was followed by a Google Hangout with Piotr Adamczyk, Program Manager, Google Cultural Institute. The mission of the Institute is to make “important cultural material available and accessible to everyone and to digitally preserve it to educate and inspire future generations.” Two of its major endeavors are the Art Project and World Wonders Project. Participants were able to ask questions about the Institute to learn about its current and upcoming initiatives.