ARLIS/NA New York Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 22, 2020


The New York Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America is committed to keeping your personal and professional data private.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

For our member and contact records, we collect your name (First, Last) and your email address. You are welcome to share additional details such as job title and institutional affiliation. We use this information to keep track of your membership and event registrations and to send you emails relevant to your membership (renewal notices, invoices, receipts) and your event registrations (registration confirmation, invoices, receipts, and reminders). We will not share any of your personal or professional information with a third party without your written consent; the sole exception is for the processing of online payments, which use the third party applications PayPal or AffiniPay.

Giving consent for others

It is possible in some cases for individuals to register multiple parties for event registration. We do not collect any personal information on the additional individuals being registered.

Third-parties applications

For the processing of online and credit card payments, we currently use the third-party application PayPal via a secure ARLIS/NY PayPal account. When paying online, the ARLIS/NY website displays a warning that the user is going to a different website (PayPal) to alert our members and registrants that they are submitting information to a third party. ARLIS/NY may add additional third party payment processors not limited to AffiniPay or Stripe at a future date, and will alert members and registrants of these changes.

Contact us

If you have questions or feedback about our privacy policy, please contact us at

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