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About ARLIS/NA New York Commons

As of July 2022,  the ARLIS/NY listserv was replaced by ARLIS/NA Commons, a new scholarly network that is part of the interdisciplinary Humanities Commons.  Like the listserv, the Commons is an electronic forum for the dissemination of information and the discussion of issues of interest to art information professionals in the New York Chapter of ARLIS/NA. 

Postings routinely include reference and cataloging questions and discussions specific to art resources and materials; job vacancy announcements; conference, workshop, and meeting information; announcements of awards, honors, and prizes; news items from groups and individuals in the Society and the chapter; new publications and web sites; copyright and information policy issues; and more. 

IMPORTANT: This is a closed list. The postings on this listserv are considered confidential unless otherwise stated by the original sender. Please do not forward anything from this list without permission of the original author.

**The ARLIS/NA New York Executive Board requires that any job posting circulated on this forum most note the position's salary or salary range.  The Board believes this change will provide greater clarity and we hope it will encourage more people to apply for these positions.  As well, we hope that increased transparency will help promote greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within art librarianship**

How to Subscribe

Register here if you’re an ARLIS/NA member.

Once you’ve done all that, locate ARLIS/NA New York under groups and request to join.  

If you already have an existing Humanities Commons account, email and ask to have it linked to ARLIS/NA Commons.

At this time, the ARLIS/NA New York Humanities Commons Group is only open to those who are also members of ARLIS/NA.  Please visit for more information about becoming a member.

How to Post a Message

In addition to creating new topics directly on the group Discussion Board, members can send an email to and a new forum topic will be posted in the discussion board. Here's how that process works:

  • Compose a new email from the same email address you registered with 

  • Put the address above in the "To:" field of the email.

  • The email subject will become the topic title on the Discussion Board. 

To learn more about Groups on Humanities Commons please consult this tutorial.

Updated 7/11/2022

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