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  • Lightning Talks Day 1 - Teaching, Outreach, and Space - 2023 Virtual Mini-Conference

Lightning Talks Day 1 - Teaching, Outreach, and Space - 2023 Virtual Mini-Conference

  • 11 Oct 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Please join us for the first session of lightning talks at the ARLIS/NA New York virtual mini-conference on Wednesday, October 11, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The theme for the day will be Teaching, Outreach, and Space. Please RSVP to receive the Zoom link for the event. This is a free event for ARLIS/NA New York chapter members.


"Shelf Exploration" and Museum Library Social Media, Ivy Blackman

The Whitney Museum of American Art recently published a video series called Shelf Exploration to its social media feeds. The project, a collaboration between our library and digital media teams, was conceived as a way to feature staff work and collections outside the typical scope of our digital communications, and to harness the show-and-tell ethos of the covid era beyond exhibitions and artworks. It's been a real success, with some of the biggest engagement metrics the Whitney has experienced on platforms like TikTok. This lightning talk will discuss the ways Shelf Exploration might be a useful model for others hoping to promote their collections on social media without an existing framework for video production.

Social Media in an Art and Design College and Medical Library, Sabrina Diaz

In this lightning talk, I will discuss my experience in leading the social media content for two different libraries. In creating digital content for an art and design college library, we highlight different projects, events, and resources for the university's community. On the other hand, digital content for a medical library centers on bringing awareness to cancer care and resources the library provides for patients/medical professionals. Although both use similar platforms, the strategies to gain the eye of our demographics differ for each library.

Seeing Wisely: Teaching Formal Analysis in the Classroom, Ann Bell

“What do you see in this picture?” Seemingly simple, this question posed in front of a work of art can freeze a conversation and strike fear in students’ hearts as they grapple with finding the words to express themselves. It is important for educators to find familiar access points to help students develop their skills of formal analysis and increase visual literacy. This talk will focus on strategies of looking and ways of introducing works of art that stimulate conversation and encourage students to also see the world beyond the classroom in a different light.

The Importance of Visual Literacy when Analyzing Primary Sources, Melissa Cabarcas

This lightning talk will cover how visual literacy can help us view and use primary sources for research and teaching purposes. We will look at some of the issues when using visual materials, what visual literacy standards can be followed to avoid these issues, and how these interactive objects can tell the stories of people, places, and things.

The Library Mindfulness Corner: Focusing on Student Mental Health, Miyo Sandlin

This semester our library created a new space in our Library, the Mindfulness Corner. Created out of concern for student mental health following the pandemic, the space is intended as a welcoming space for students to study, destress, regain focus, receive comfort and positive affirmations, and practice mindfulness. I will explain how this project was put together and implemented as well as how it lead to partnerships with other departments across campus including Health Services and the Counseling Center.

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