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Open Call for Committee and Executive Board Positions

23 Sep 2020 5:17 PM | ARLIS Librarian (Administrator)

Dear colleagues,   

The Art Librarians Society of North America - New York Chapter is seeking members for two committees and six executive Board positions: Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, Programming Coordinator (Member-At-Large), Social Media Coordinator, Student/Early Professional Liaison, and News Editor.  

This year, in addition to looking for committee volunteers, we seek nominations (self-nominations are encouraged) for all open positions, even those who have been traditionally appointed by the Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-Elect (these are the Social Media Coordinator, Student/Early Professional Liaison, and News Editor positions).   

We are looking for members to serve on the Nominating and Celine Palatsky Award Committees. If you have been interested in taking on an ARLIS/NA NY leadership role and unable to commit to a Board position’s time requirements, serving on a committee is a great way to get your feet wet and learn more about our society.   

Due to these unprecedented times, and because membership in both the Chapter and ARLIS/NA is required to serve on the Board, the Board decided to wave chapter dues and sponsor national memberships for new board positions who are not yet members and are currently students or unemployed, and are selected to serve on the Executive Board.    

To learn more about our Chapter, see our history page and bylaws. To see who is currently serving on the Board, click here.   

For questions and all nominations (self, encouraged), please contact me directly at deutch@frick.org. Those interested will need to submit a cover letter and CV for committee work by Monday, October 5th; and, to serve on the Board by Thursday, October 22nd

Committee work will commence as soon as we fill the positions, and Board terms begin on January 1, 2021. The committee and open Board member positions are detailed below.  

With kind regards,  

Samantha Deutch 
ARLIS/NA NY, Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-Elect      

Committee and Open Board Member Descriptions  

Nominating Committee members assist the Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-Elect in selecting the slate of candidates, which will be presented at the Chapter’s annual business meeting.     

Celine Palatsky Award Committee members are responsible for reviewing applications and determining the awardees for ARLIS/NA’s conference next year. For more information and past awardees, see the awards page on the Chapter’s website.  

The Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-Elect   

The Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-Elect (VC-CE) is a one-year term with a three-year commitment (after one year, they succeed as Chairperson, and then Past Chairperson). The VC-CE acts as the chief executive officer in the event the Chairperson is unable to serve, assists the Chairperson in the preparation of meetings, assembles and serves as chair of the nominating committee for the following year’s Board and the Celine Palatsky travel award committee. The VC/CE is responsible for reviewing the Chapter By-laws and other documents, checking for consistency. They also update and post the roster of Executive Board members since 1973.   

The Secretary   

The Secretary is responsible for the keeping of minutes of both Chapter and Board meetings and, after Board approval, submit them to the Web Editor for posting on the Chapter’s website. The Secretary is also responsible for balloting and counting votes cast and communicating the results to the Chapter.  

Programming Coordinator (Member-At-Large)  

The Programming Coordinator is responsible for coordinating ARLIS/NY events, including communication with third parties (i.e., museums, galleries, libraries, venues, etc.). They research new event ideas and propose them to the Executive Board for approval. They manage announcements, registration, and reminders for all events unless otherwise handled by another chapter member. The Programming Coordinator fields member requests for and questions about events.  

Customarily appointed (now open) non-voting Board positions. 

News Editor  

The News Editor manages and oversees the Chapter’s listserv with the exciting possibility of creating a Humanities Commons (HC) chapter WordPress site. In consultation with other Board members, the News Editor will have the opportunity to lead the charge and facilitate the creation and curation of ARLIS/NY’s HC page.  

Social Media Coordinator  

The Social Media Coordinator develops innovative and creative media content across social media platforms, proposes a creative strategy in collaboration with executive Board members, and creates and maintains relevant social media accounts. They set up routine tasks and activities for all social media outlets, all while keeping track of social media trends and innovations. They deliver reports at Board meetings with statistics and results for each account.    

Student/Early Professional Liaison

The Student/Early Professional Liaison is dedicated to providing support to students and emerging professionals in art librarianship. The Liaison helps to build networking and professional development opportunities, through happy hour events, tours, and workshops. 

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